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NYC Bans Supersized Sodas

Washington DC, USA.  Over the past several years, New York City has outlawed smoking in bars and offices, banned trans fats, and forced fast-food restaurants to list calorie counts on their menus. Now, the Big Apple has set its sights on sugary beverages with a first-in-the-nation rule barring restaurants, cafeterias and concessions stands from selling soda and other calorie-rich drinks… Read more →

Omega 3 Fish oil supplements may not prevent heart attacks, study shows

Taking fish oil pills rich in omega-3 fatty acids doesn’t appear to have a significant effect on heart attacks, strokes or death, a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds. The news comes even as sales of fish oil supplements are booming. In 2011 Americans spent $1.1 billion on them, up 5.4% from 2010, according… Read more →

Organic food likely no healthier study shows

WASHINGTON DC, USA – Consumer after consumer asked: Is eating organic food, which costs more, really better for me?   Without any studies to show concrete evidence of improved health, Stanford University doctors dug through reams of research to find out – and concluded there’s little evidence that going organic is much healthier.  However, a few differences involving pesticides and antibiotics… Read more →

Phentermine Diet Drugs Makes a Comeback in New Diet Drugs

Phentermine pronounced as(fen’ ter meen) Physicians who treat over weight obese consumers hailed the FDA’s most recent approval of two new diet drugs—the first in 13 years—as a new era in weight-loss management. But some obesity specialists, including those at prestigious medical centers, have been prescribing medications to help patients lose weight for decades, both on and off-label.  Those medications… Read more →

Contrave diet pill nears FDA approval

Orexigen Therapeutics (OREX), maker of the weightloss drug candidate Contrave, are awaiting FDA approval for the third newest diet pill likely to be approved. Contrave is the third prescription diet drug candidate to face the FDA’s advisory panel this year, and after Vivus’s (VVUS) Qnexa and Arena Pharmaceuticals’s (ARNA) Lorcaserin had their FDA decision delayed due to safety concerns. Currently… Read more →

Belviq 1st New Diet Loss Approved By FDA In Decade

WASHINGTON DC, USA — The Food and Drug Administration has approved Arena Pharmaceutical’s diet pill Belviq, the first new diet prescription drug for long-term weight loss to enter the U.S. market in over a decade. Despite only achieving modest weight loss in clinical studies, the drug appeared safe enough to win the FDA’s endorsement, amid calls from doctors for new… Read more →

Qsymia Phentermine Diet Pill

FDA approves diet drug Qsymia

WASHINGTON DC, USA –  The Food and Drug Administration on approves a new weight loss drug from Vivus Inc. called Qsymia , that many doctors consider a potential effective therapy in a new generation of anti-obesity pills designed to help patients safely shed pounds. The agency cleared the diet pill Qsymia for adults who are obese or overweight and have… Read more →

Top Diet Aides

Discover how to Lose Weight Faster & more Safely with Consumer Diet Reports Consumer Diet Reports is your ultimate resource for weight loss products reviews. The guidelines and research of this report is a must read for anyone considering using diet aides help drop unwanted pounds more rapidly and more safely. Consumer Diet Reports has taken the guesswork out of… Read more →